The vision of Department of School Education & Literacy is to ensure education of equitable quality for all. A good quality human resource base is extremely important in today’s highly competitive environment. The role of education is the most important lever for social, economic and political transformation. Accordingly, recognizing the importance of education in national development, the Five Year Plan places an unprecedented focus on the expansion of education, significantly improving the quality of education and on ensuring that educational opportunities are available to all segments of the society. “We want to such schools … where students will feel free to dream about their futures, where they are able to connect their passions with possible career options, and where the opportunities and resources needed to support these decisions are provided.”

Targets in a phased manner:

We have divided our targets into three phases: by 2020, by 2025 and by 2030. We are in the process of setting up targets for each of these five years starting from now. In this process here are the key milestones.

  1. All the desired institutions are strengthened (restructured and envisioned) by 2020
  2. Teachers and educators in every institute are recruited, trained and rationalized
  3. All children and adults are enrolled in learning systems
  4. All children and participate in learning processes from pre-school stage till their secondary and higher level
  5. All children and adults learn to desired levels with knowledge, skills, attitude and interest
  6. All children and adults continue to learn with desired knowledge, skills, attitude and values